Beautiful Days
Stars Shine Their brightest when its darkest
Twist Of Payne

The Batchlor. Ch. 1 (Phone Call)

Ring, ring, ring…
Ring, ring, ring…
You stretched and turned over in your bed. Look at the time annoyance swept over you, it was 3:00 in the morning.
Who in their right mind would call in this ungodly hour?
Ring, ring, ring…
You huft and slaped your hand on to your phone and looked at it.

'Call From Unknown Number'

Your boss tended to call from unknown numbers, so you hit answer and brought the phone to your ear and spoke sleepishly into the mic.
“Hello, miss Crillip?” A male voice spoke on the other end.
“Sorry to bother you, but could I speak with you, you see you responded to our ad and you have been chosen to be one of the lucky 20 girls to be on our show. We would like you to ple-“
“Whoa, wait, a t.v. show!?”
“Yes, ma’ma. The one with One Direction.”
Now you remembered,”I’ve been chosen!?”
“Yes, ma’ma!”
“One moment, please?”
You put the phone on mute waited a moment to let all of it sink in and screamed. You dance around the room, giggling happily. Once done, you grab your phone and unmuted it.
“Okay, so what do I do?”
“We will send a representative for you, he will be there at noon.”
“Where will I be going?”
“Dublin, you will need me and the others here.”
You huft, that explained the late hour. It was around 9 there.
“Your name?”
“My apologies, I’m James.”
“Alright, James, I’ll be ready!”
“See you soon, Miss Crillip!”
With that he hung up, and you where left with your thoughts. This was exactly what you needed, to get away and finally find love. Now all you had to do is wait for noon to hurry up and get here.

Hope you enjoyed the first step into my new fanfiction!!!

Indie!! I think its such a cute name
- Anonymous

Thank you for the name! It is quite a cute name! I have written it down and will be considered!
Please if you have any questions or just wanna chit chat, your more than welcome to.
I love talking to people and getting ideas from them, so please don’t be shy.
Thank you again!!

One Direction fanfiction. “The Bachelor”

TV lights, hidden cameras, unnecessary drama, and challenges to be overcome. When you spot an ad in the paper for a spot on a new show with One Direction, what would you do? Well, sometimes it’s good to read the fine print! [Name chosen soon] never thought she would get the chance to win one of One Direction’s heart throbs love. Not until she got the phone call that would change her life for good! Follow [Name chosen soon] on her way to true love, choose which boy she will fall in love with along the way, and watch the magic unfold, In this interactive love story,”The Bachelor!”

Name Contest. For One direction fanfiction.

Hey, y’all. I’m kinda holding a contest. I need a name for my main character in my new fanfiction “The Bachlors.”

Can be any name.

I’ll post the names that I like most and y’all will vote from them.

I’ll pick four from all the names I get. Everyone will have a far chance, I have extra judges on hand to choose the four.

Once the four have been chosen y’all will chose witch name you want to be the main character’s name.

Good luck to all the names entered.

Contest ends: 6/29/14


“This morning that was hot 18 degrees.”

….look at Harry….just….AHHH!!!!


This morning that was hot 18 degrees.”

….look at Harry….just….AHHH!!!!


Every time i watch this my heart melts just that tiny bit more


Every time i watch this my heart melts just that tiny bit more

Last few weeks of school they have to be the worst part of the school year! Everyone is at eachothers throats, and old friends becomes new foes. I hate this part of the year. Ususaly I’m no where near being apart of the drama and all, but I don’t know what happened this year. Oh, but I only have a year left!!!!


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First Holy Communion is always the bank holiday in May. They’re looking to change it, for the first time ever in history. (x)

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mrchrisleonardpics - Chilling…

mrchrisleonardpics - Chilling…

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So very sorry!!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I should be back on more frequently as my school yer ends! I can’t believe I’m a Senior!!

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